Best Food For Puppies………Or Is It Really?

Looking for the best food for puppies? Pretty overwhelming task, huh? There are so many puppy foods on the market today and they all claim to have the greatest and best food.

So how do you really know who to believe? Hey,  this is your brand new puppy we're talking about and they are depending on You to find them the best puppy food. 

The truth is, you would be shocked to learn what some brands of dog food really contain. Take a moment and watch this short video below BEFORE you decide on what brand of dog food you should be feeding your sweet puppy.

Below you will find out why it pays to read the ingredient list and why you should pay close attention to it. You'll also find out what a "by product" is and why you DON'T want to feed it to your puppy.

Bottom line,  we want to help you sort through all the marketing hype that comes from dog food manufacturers and give you some solid information to make an informed decision when it comes to buying the best puppy food. Knowledge equals power,  right?


Well that's what we believe. Increase your knowledge about what makes the best puppy food and your decision making will become a whole lot easier.  


The Dog Food Ingredient List………..What You Need To Know

Well probably the best place to get started when you are trying to find the best dog food for puppies is the ingredient list. Yep, the good ole ingredient list.

It basically says it all. It will tell you EXACTLY what is in the food that you are thinking of feeding your puppy.  


Do you know that a majority of pet owners never read the list?  What seems to sell puppy food now a days are pretty colored packages with cute puppies on the bag or ads on TV with cute jingles and adorable puppies running all over.


Pretty sad, don't you think? Unfortunately, marketing has become pretty slick these days,  and many people will believe just about anything they see, read or hear.



But anyway,  back to the puppy food ingredient list. That's where the rubber meets the road as they say. It will tell exactly what is in the puppy food.


OK,  so that's well and good,  you read the list to get fully educated and when you are done, you end up having more questions than when you started.


Dog and puppy food companies are required to have an ingredient list on all their bags of food BUT many of them can have a very sly way of wording their ingredients so you aren't just quite sure what some of the stuff is in that bag of food.


By Products In Dog Food………….A Definite No No!


For example,  and this is just one of many "words"  that some companies use,  what in the heck is a "by product"? 

If you went to the store right now and pulled a few bags of dog food from the shelf and took a look at the ingredient list,  you would probably see the word  "by product"  on them.   Sounds innocent enough,  right?

Well guess what?  It's not. Know what a by product is?


A by-product is basically what is left over AFTER the meat for human consumption has been taken out. So what is that exactly?  

Well, unfortunately it could be anything from chicken feet and heads, to blood, to feces (yes we said feces) and even dirt from the floor. Yuck!


Not exactly what you would want to feed your new little innocent puppy that just was weaned off their mothers milk,  huh? But instead of listing these things they decide to just use the term  "by products". Doesn't sound too bad that way, does it?  


Now, wouldn't you say,  if you're on a quest to find the best food for puppies then this would probably be something you might want to know about BEFORE you buy,  right? 

Well,  this is just one of many examples of how dog food companies can make their food look  "healthy" by using vague terms that sound perfectly fine to the uneducated pet owner.  

So bottom line,  PLEASE take the time to do your due diligence when it comes to your new puppy and its health.

Read the labels and if you don't know what it is,  hey Google it,  that only takes a minute. At least then you will know what should (or shouldn't ) be in the best dog food for puppies.


And,  hey,  what's most important is,  your puppy will definitely love you for it!


Looking for the Best Food for Puppies?

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