Alternative To Rawhide Bones For Dogs………..Life’s Abundance Buffalo Bully Sticks



Looking for an alternative to rawhide bones for your puppy or adult dog?

Well fortunately there is a healthy alternative that your fur baby will love…………..Life's Abundance Buffalo Bully Sticks.

These sticks are made from grass fed, free range buffalo in contrast to rawhide bones that are cured with harsh chemicals like bleach…… yuk!


 Besides that, rawhide bones are not digestible and there have been cases where dogs have literally died from choking or had blockages that required surgery.

That's just not worth taking a chance with your sweet puppy or adult dog.

Life's Abundance buffalo chew sticks

 Life's Abundance makes an all natural 100% bully stick that dogs just seem to love. 

They are high in protein, low in fat and they are very easy for your dog to digest so no worries there:-)


Plus they help keep teeth and gums healthy so its really a win win…………your dog will enjoy the great taste and stay healthy to boot!

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