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Best Large Breed Puppy Food…………Tips For Finding the Best

45393616So, what is the best large breed puppy food? Unfortunately,  there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to large breed puppies and what kind of food they should eat.


Everyone has an opinion but does everyone really know the facts?


The truth is, bone problems in large breed puppies can come from genetics AND gaining weight too fast and playing frisbee.


You hear many people say you need to limit the amount of protein in a puppies food but that is a misconception. Studies show that large breed puppies should have no less that 25% protein.


It would be crazy to limit protein as that is the building block needed to grow healthy skin, lungs, you name it……'s a necessity in the healthy growth of a puppy.


The main thing is that you don't want a puppy to gain weight too fast so the solution is to make sure they don't get too many calories.


So, what do I look for when searching for the best large breed puppy food?


A high quality dog food
At least 25% protein
Meat protein source such as chicken meal or salmon or herring
A dog food with No by products
No wheat,wheat gluten,corn or soy
Preferably one designed for large breed puppies


Doing your homework ahead of time will definitely ensure that your puppy will get the high quality nutrition that they deserve. Quality nutrition leads to better health and longevity for your pup and in the long run, less vet bills for you, the pet parent.


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Best Puppy Food For Small Breed Dogs…….Life’s Abundance

Finding the best puppy food for small breed dogs can seem like a difficult task but the truth is,  it really isn't. That is,  if you know what to look for in a puppy food. 


Here are 3 reasons why Life's Abundance small breed puppy food is a wise choice for dog owners………….


 Life's Abundance is the perfect sized kibble! 

Small breed puppy food should be small and bite sized. Lets face it,  a small dog has a small mouth and teeth so they need a kibble that will be easy for them to chew up. Getting them bite size kibbles and moistening them if needed will help your puppy get off to a good start.



 Life's Abundance small breed puppy food has NO By Products!

 Make sure the food that you choose has NO BY PRODUCTS!  By products are the leftovers of the meat that is used in the food and it could be anything from chicken feet to feathers (yes really) and that has no place in the diet of your new puppy.

Dog food companies add "by products" as fillers and because they are cheap. Just remember………any kind of  "by product"  equals NO, NO, NO!



 Life's Abundance has the highest quality protein sources.

Wholesome protein source is a must and an adequate amount of it. Life's Abundance small breed formula has 27% protein iwhich is just right. And what would be a wholesome protein source in dog food? Life's Abundance has two very good sources………..Chicken meal and Catfish meal.


Oh,  and so you will know,  protein  "meals"  have much more protein in them than just the protein itself. For example,  chicken meal has more protein than just chicken. Why? Because the water has been removed in the meal and it is concentrated protein.


Knowing what to look for when searching for the best puppy food for small breed dogs can definitely make all the difference in the world.


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Best Puppy Treats For Training…..Tips For Finding The Best

Well,  you have your new puppy and now the fun begins……training! Training a puppy can sometimes seem like a lot of work and effort but it doesn't have to be that way. Teaching your puppy how to behave can actually go quite smoothly if you have the right training treat:-)


So, what are the best puppy treats for training? What should I look for in a treat? Well here are a few tips to help you find the best!


1. Make sure you feed a dog treat that is actually healthy and nutritious for your puppy. It makes no sense to feed a high quality puppy food and then buy treats that have empty-calories and no nutritional value. Read the ingredient list just like you did when you chose your food. Look for something with lots of protein (quality that is) such as chicken or lamb.



The best puppy treats for training should also include lots of vitamins and minerals and even essential fatty acids. Good wholesome stuff that will contribute to your puppies overall health. Think about it………………… will be feeding a LOT of treats during the training process! So make sure what you do feed is beneficial to your new companion.


2. Next,  remember,  the best puppy treats need to taste good! They need to be something that your puppy just loves and would do just about anything to get one (like obey you?) Many companies will have sample packs so you can try a treat with your puppy before you buy a whole bag.


3.Make sure the treat you choose is small in size. That way you can offer more treats without filling your puppy up too fast. Smaller dog treats also make it easy for you to put a few in your pocket while you are training and not run out.


Taking the time to find the best puppy treats for training can really pay off in the long run. Puppies naturally want to please and having a tasty treat to sweeten the pot sure can't hurt:-)


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Is Puppy Food Really Necessary…….. Or Not?

So,  is puppy food really necessary? This question gets asked a lot by first time puppy parents. They want the best food for their new puppy and can you blame them? 

So is it necessary?  Well, I guess you could say the answer to this question is  "not really"  BUT it does depend on the quality of dog food you will be feeding your puppy. Is it an all life stages dog food? One that is designed for both a puppy and adult dogs?


One exception when it comes to puppy foods is large breed puppies. They do have special nutritional needs, so it's always a good idea to find a large breed puppy food designed just for them.

Remember,  not all dog foods are created equally. What you need to be looking for in a dog food,  whether puppy or dog food, is quality nutrition. That's what it really boils down to. Does the food that you are feeding have the very best nutrition for your puppy?


If your puppy is not a large breed and you choose an all life stages dog food, make sure it is high quality, has been  AAFCO approved  and has a protein content of at least 26%

And be sure and read the dog food ingredient list.:) before you buy a food. The more educated and informed you are about dog foods, the healthier your new puppy will be! 


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How Much Food To Feed A Puppy? Check Out These Helpful Tips

One of the biggest questions with new puppy parents is, "How much food to feed a puppy?" They worry,  and rightly so,  that they might be feeding too much or maybe too little to their new bundle of joy.

So,  "How much food should I feed my puppy?"

Well, the first suggestion,  and most obvious is to be sure and read what's on the bag of food that you have chosen to feed your puppy. If its a food specifically for puppies then it will be listed under the general directions.

If it's an "all life stages dog food" (which means the food is designed for puppies AND adult dogs) then there will be a section with specific instructions just for puppies.

Here is a basic feeding guideline that works well with most puppies:

When they are ready to eat solid food you can moisten the food and "free feed" (which means always leave food available) until they are fully weaned (which will be between 6-8 weeks old). Most new puppy parents get a puppy that is already fully weaned and on a food already.

Once weaned,  feed them the "suggested daily amount"  of dry food according to their weight and add at least 25% more.

So, how many times a day should I feed my puppy?"  A general guideline would be………….

From 8 weeks to 4 months,  divide this daily amount up into 3-4 meals over a 24 hour period which is generally a good rule of thumb. From 4-6 months,  divide the daily amount into 2-3 meals in a 24 hour period. After that,  follow directions on the bag according to their weight.

Note: Some people choose to free feed longer, but keep in mind that it may lead to obesity as your puppy grows.

Also remember that food requirements for individual puppies can vary (depending on breed, etc). It's always a good idea,  if you're unsure,  to ask your vet if you have specific questions concerning your breed and how much food they will need 🙂

Important!  If you decide to use a different food other than what your puppy has been on, BE SURE and switch the food over SLOWLY.  You can give your dog diarrhea by changing over too quickly.

Finally…….Remember these are suggested guidelines only on how much food to feed a puppy and you should ALWAYS check with your vet if you are unsure about anything.

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What Is The Best Food For Puppies With Sensitive Stomachs?

So,  what is the best food for puppies with sensitive stomachs?


You hear it from so many pet parents,  "I have not been able to find a food that agrees with my puppy"  or  "The food I am feeding my puppy is giving them loose stools".


Unfortunately,  most of the time, it's the food that is the culprit,  not that your puppy has a sensitive stomach.



Puppy foods are not created equally so you really need to pay attention to what is in the food that you are feeding. Here are a few tips that hopefully will help you to make the transition to solid food a little easier.



First,  make sure the food you are feeding has no by products. By products are the leftovers from a protein source like chicken for example. This can include anything from chicken feet to chicken heads………………definitely not very digestible so stay away from by products of any kind,  period.




Next,  look for a puppy food that is bite size. The smaller,  the easier to chew and that means the easier to digest. And even if it is bite size you might still need to moisten it to make it easier to chew in the beginning.



Make sure it has quality protein sources like chicken meal or catfish meal. Don't buy a food that has corn or wheat listed as its first ingredient. Puppies need quality protein in their food not cheap filler food like corn and wheat.


And finally,  the best food for puppies with sensitive stomachs should have probiotics in it. This is very important. Probiotics for dogs are kinda like the good guy bacteria (yes there are good bacteria too).



A healthy gut needs a plentiful supply of this kind of friendly bacteria. It definitely helps your puppy to digest their food much easier. It should be listed on the ingredient list so look closely. It might say Lactobacillus acidophilus or use the term probiotics.



One last thing to always remember…….don't switch a puppy or adult dog over too quickly from one food to another. That in itself can cause loose stools. If your puppy was on a certain food when you got it and you want to switch,  do it slowly!


Hopefully these tips will help you find just the right food for your puppy!


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What To Buy A New Puppy………..Don’t Forget These Must Have Items


It's important to know what to buy a new puppy and have it on hand before the big day arrives. That way you will be prepared and ready. It's almost like bringing a new baby home……….you would definitely want to make sure you had the diapers!

Puppies are no different. They have immediate needs too and you want to make sure that you have covered all your bases BEFORE you bring them home.

So what do you need on your new puppy checklist? Well here are a few tips and some essential items to help you get ready for the big day:

Food– By all means don't forget the food! Do your research ahead of time and decide on the best puppy food for your puppy. One little tip on the food…………….make sure the kibbles are small and easy for them to chew.

Daily Supplement– Puppies really need a daily vitamin mineral supplement to help them get off to a good start. They will be growing very fast their first year and need all the nutrition that they can get.

Healthy Dog Treats– All dogs love treats and that includes puppies. They are also a great way to reward your puppy when they have been good.

There are antioxidant health bars for dogs,  pork hide bones and a multitude of good healthy treats on the market for your puppy. (Just remember to read the labels!)

Ear and Oral Health Items– Make sure you have something on hand to clean your puppies teeth and ears. Keeping your puppies teeth and ears clean will keep them healthy for years to come.

Puppy Shampoo– You'll definitely be needing to give them a bath once they get home. Look for a hypoallergenic dog shampoo that is natural and smells good too.

You can actually buy puppy starter kits with all the essentials already in them and ready to go so you won't forget anything.

Other things you need for a new puppy include a dog bed,  food and water bowl,  dog crate (if you are crate training) or an indoor dog gate (if you want to keep them in a certain area of the house).

If you haven't decided on a house training method you need to do that ASAP. Are you going to use pee pads or maybe one of the new dog potties on the market? No matter what you decide, you need to have it on hand as well.

It really pays to get prepared before bringing home a new puppy. Having all the essentials on hand can make it much more stress free so you can spend your time doing what's most important………..enjoying your new bundle of joy!

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Puppy Food Ingredient List………………Beware Of These Ingredients

The puppy food ingredient list is something that you better take a very close look at BEFORE you buy that bag of food for your puppy. Mixed in among the ingredients are some things that you definitely don't want to be feeding your puppy.


It's really a shame that manufacturers are allowed to include some of the things that they do in puppy food. Almost seems like it should be against the law. The bottom line is what you don't know could hurt your puppy.


So what are the "bad guys" when it comes to the puppy food ingredient list? Well here are a few things you need to look out for :


Unhealthy grains– Now not all grains are bad but these "bad guys" can be very difficult for a puppy or adult dog to digest. They could also cause food allergies down the road for them. They are corn,  wheat,  soy,  wheat gluten and corn gluten.


They sound innocent enough but they are actually used by manufacturers as inferior protein sources because they are cheap. You'll usually see them listed on the ingredient list first. Be sure and stay away from these guys! It's a sign of an inferior food.


Chemical Preservatives- Don't buy anything with BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin in it. These preservatives can be very harmful to dogs in general.


They are added to keep the puppy food fresh so they can manufacture food that will last for a long time. Some pet foods sit on the shelf for 6 months to a year before they are purchased. Not good!


By Products- These are all the leftovers from the good cuts of meats (which probably are never used). It could include bones,  chicken heads,  tendons,  feathers,  you name it……………some really yucky stuff. Again, they are used for cheap protein sources and they are very difficult for your puppy to digest.


Other things to beware of on a puppy food ingredient list include:

Animal or Beef Fat

Sugar or Corn Syrup



Artificial colorings and flavorings


Hard to believe they'll allow all this kind of stuff in some puppy foods? That's why you have to be aware of what's good and what's bad for your puppy.

So next time you go to the store pick up a bag of puppy or dog food and read the ingredients. See how many "bad guys" you can find on the list. You might be quite amazed!


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Best Dry Puppy Food………….. Are You Buying Human Grade Quality?

It's a well known fact………………….not all puppy food is created equally. Trying to find the best dry puppy food can be an adventure in and of  itself. So where do you start?  Well,  probably one of the first questions you need to ask is,   "Is the puppy food that I am about to feed my new puppy human grade quality?   Ah, so what exactly is that?    


Well,  let's just say that if you knew what was in some commercial dog foods you would probably be getting a little queasy right now.  Let's put it this way………if your young toddler,  for example,  happened upon some dry puppy food on the floor and decided to eat it, you better hope and pray the brand you chose was human grade quality.    


So,  what is human grade dog food? Well, its basically a food that is fit for human consumption.  People food that we buy in the grocery store has to pass guidelines set forth by the FDA and USDA  before it can be sold in a store for customers to buy.  



It's sad but true,  dog food companies are allowed to put ALL kinds of stuff in dog and puppy food that would not be fit for a human consumption. Stuff like chicken heads and feet, intestines, blood……uh, getting a little queasy yet?  Oh,  but thats ok,  it's all listed nicely under the term "by products" on the ingredient list. Who would ever know?  


  So how do you know if the food you are buying is a quality puppy food? Well that's where you come in.  It's up to you to read the ingredient list,  check out the company,  and do your homework before you buy.


Look and see if there are any  "by products". That's a clear sign that you don't want to buy that puppy food. If you know what to look for in a puppy food,  it makes your job a whole lot easier. Bet you'll never look at puppy food the same way again,huh?


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