Best Large Breed Puppy Food…………Tips For Finding the Best

45393616So, what is the best large breed puppy food? Unfortunately,  there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to large breed puppies and what kind of food they should eat.


Everyone has an opinion but does everyone really know the facts?


The truth is, bone problems in large breed puppies can come from genetics AND gaining weight too fast and playing frisbee.


You hear many people say you need to limit the amount of protein in a puppies food but that is a misconception. Studies show that large breed puppies should have no less that 25% protein.


It would be crazy to limit protein as that is the building block needed to grow healthy skin, lungs, you name it……'s a necessity in the healthy growth of a puppy.


The main thing is that you don't want a puppy to gain weight too fast so the solution is to make sure they don't get too many calories.


So, what do I look for when searching for the best large breed puppy food?


A high quality dog food
At least 25% protein
Meat protein source such as chicken meal or salmon or herring
A dog food with No by products
No wheat,wheat gluten,corn or soy
Preferably one designed for large breed puppies


Doing your homework ahead of time will definitely ensure that your puppy will get the high quality nutrition that they deserve. Quality nutrition leads to better health and longevity for your pup and in the long run, less vet bills for you, the pet parent.


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