Best Puppy Treats For Training…..Tips For Finding The Best

Well,  you have your new puppy and now the fun begins……training! Training a puppy can sometimes seem like a lot of work and effort but it doesn't have to be that way. Teaching your puppy how to behave can actually go quite smoothly if you have the right training treat:-)


So, what are the best puppy treats for training? What should I look for in a treat? Well here are a few tips to help you find the best!


1. Make sure you feed a dog treat that is actually healthy and nutritious for your puppy. It makes no sense to feed a high quality puppy food and then buy treats that have empty-calories and no nutritional value. Read the ingredient list just like you did when you chose your food. Look for something with lots of protein (quality that is) such as chicken or lamb.



The best puppy treats for training should also include lots of vitamins and minerals and even essential fatty acids. Good wholesome stuff that will contribute to your puppies overall health. Think about it………………… will be feeding a LOT of treats during the training process! So make sure what you do feed is beneficial to your new companion.


2. Next,  remember,  the best puppy treats need to taste good! They need to be something that your puppy just loves and would do just about anything to get one (like obey you?) Many companies will have sample packs so you can try a treat with your puppy before you buy a whole bag.


3.Make sure the treat you choose is small in size. That way you can offer more treats without filling your puppy up too fast. Smaller dog treats also make it easy for you to put a few in your pocket while you are training and not run out.


Taking the time to find the best puppy treats for training can really pay off in the long run. Puppies naturally want to please and having a tasty treat to sweeten the pot sure can't hurt:-)


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