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Wheat Gluten In Dog Foods Can Contribute To Allergies In Dogs


Feeding your puppy or adult dog a dog food that contains wheat/ and or wheat gluten is a big no no! Looking at all the dog food brands on the market today you would think that it's just fine but in reality, it can contribute to allergies in dogs.


So why then do some dog food manufacturers use wheat in their dog food if it is so bad for your dog? Well, bottom line, it's all about the money unfortunately.


Wheat (along with its buddy corn) is a very cheap food source. Manufacturers, of course, want to offer the best price point to their customers (and make the most profit themselves) so when they use fillers like wheat (and corn) they don't have to use as much of the good stuff like quality protein.


Problem is, the price might be great but the quality stinks! So, you end up with a cheap, inferior product that becomes very hard for a puppy or dog to digest. Wheat gluten in dog foods (also corn gluten) can cause things like gas and bloating. You'll also notice that your dogs stools will be much larger. That's because they can't digest and absorb the food well so most of it is eliminated in the stool.


Granted, there are many contributing factors to allergies in dogs including genetic predisposition and environmental factors, but by eliminating known causes (like wheat and corn) early on (preferably from the beginning) you have a much better chance of having a happy healthy allergy free dog:)


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Chicken vs Chicken Meal In Dog Food………Which Is Best?

 Chicken is a very popular protein source in dog food these days and rightly so. Protein is a building block that a dog's whole body depends on for a healthy heart, lungs, skin, fur you name it. If you pay close attention to the ingredient list, you'll see chicken meal in dog food and then just chicken in others.


So what's the difference? Is one better than the other? Well, actually yes, but it's probably not the one you think it is:-)


Dr. Jane Bicks, veterinarian and product formulator for Life's Abundance dog food, does a great job of explaining about chicken:


"Chicken, first of all, is deboned chicken. It comes off the carcass of the animal. Thanksgiving dinner is a great example. After the dinner all that is left of the turkey is the strings of viscera, some tendons and ligaments and some meat in pockets of the bone. That is the meat that is used in dry dog food. Also that meat, doesn’t have a good nutritional profile (poor protein for sure) and has 40 – 60% water."


In contrast, chicken meal is the meat of the chicken with only 10% water which makes it a concentrated source of protein. This means that there is a greater “protein content” in one pound of chicken meal versus one pound of chicken meat.

NOTE** "Chicken by product meal" is not the same as chicken meal and should be avoided.


To a pet parent, chicken sounds like the better protein source, doesn't it? 


Chicken meal vs chicken? Bottom line, a high-quality chicken meal is always a better choice when it comes to protein in dog food.


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Life’s Abundance Dog Food For Puppies….A Smart Choice For Dog Owners


puppy eating

Life's Abundance dog food is the best dog food for puppies and here are a few reasons why:


1. Life's Abundance was formulated by holistic veterinarian, Dr Jane Bicks.


2. The kibble is the perfect size for a puppy. It's designed for small breeds as well as large breed. It's very easy to chew too.


3. Life's Abundance is a made with superior ingredients. It has no junk or by products in it like corn, wheat, wheat gluten, chicken feet, chicken heads, etc that are put into low quality dog foods (these companies call it "by products" which are not healthy so stay away from them)


4.You will find plenty of probiotics in Life's Abundance dog food. These are the "good bacteria" that you hear about in yogurts, etc. These good guys keep your puppies gut healthy and strong.


5. Plenty of protein! Life's Abundance has plenty of meat source proteins which are the building blocks that help your puppy grow up strong.


6.It tastes good!  Well the puppies definitely seem to think so. That's probably because it is baked fresh and shipped to your door within six weeks of being made. Many other dog foods sit on the shelf for up to a year before shipping.


7. Life's Abundance premium health food for dogs has NEVER been on a recall list. Yep, that's right……..never!


8. Life's Abundance even has a special dog food for large breed puppies. It's designed especially for their unique growing needs.


Bottom line, if you want a healthy puppy, you need to feed them a healthy dog food with the best nutrition.


Did you know a dog fed a high quality dog food can live up to 5 years longer than one that is not? Plus, it can sure help save on the vet bills:-) over time.


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Wheat Free Puppy Food Is Healthy Alternative

Wheat free puppy food is definitely a healthy alternative when it comes to choosing a food for your puppy. Wheat and corn are used in many dog foods and that's not because it is necessarily healthy.


On the contrary, both wheat and corn can have negative effects on your puppy as they grow and mature. These two culprits could cause allergies in your puppy or adult dog.


A big reason that wheat and corn is used in dog food is because it is a very cheap food source. If you'll notice, when reading the ingredient list on many dog foods, wheat and corn (or wheat and corn meal) will be listed in the first five ingredients.


The first five ingredients listed make up the majority of food in the bag. So be sure and read your dog food ingredient list carefully.


Definitely stay away from wheat and corn and make sure you see a quality protein source listed as the first ingredient.

Your puppy will thank you:-)


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Puppy Food Ingredient List………………Beware Of These Ingredients

The puppy food ingredient list is something that you better take a very close look at BEFORE you buy that bag of food for your puppy. Mixed in among the ingredients are some things that you definitely don't want to be feeding your puppy.


It's really a shame that manufacturers are allowed to include some of the things that they do in puppy food. Almost seems like it should be against the law. The bottom line is what you don't know could hurt your puppy.


So what are the "bad guys" when it comes to the puppy food ingredient list? Well here are a few things you need to look out for :


Unhealthy grains– Now not all grains are bad but these "bad guys" can be very difficult for a puppy or adult dog to digest. They could also cause food allergies down the road for them. They are corn,  wheat,  soy,  wheat gluten and corn gluten.


They sound innocent enough but they are actually used by manufacturers as inferior protein sources because they are cheap. You'll usually see them listed on the ingredient list first. Be sure and stay away from these guys! It's a sign of an inferior food.


Chemical Preservatives- Don't buy anything with BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin in it. These preservatives can be very harmful to dogs in general.


They are added to keep the puppy food fresh so they can manufacture food that will last for a long time. Some pet foods sit on the shelf for 6 months to a year before they are purchased. Not good!


By Products- These are all the leftovers from the good cuts of meats (which probably are never used). It could include bones,  chicken heads,  tendons,  feathers,  you name it……………some really yucky stuff. Again, they are used for cheap protein sources and they are very difficult for your puppy to digest.


Other things to beware of on a puppy food ingredient list include:

Animal or Beef Fat

Sugar or Corn Syrup



Artificial colorings and flavorings


Hard to believe they'll allow all this kind of stuff in some puppy foods? That's why you have to be aware of what's good and what's bad for your puppy.

So next time you go to the store pick up a bag of puppy or dog food and read the ingredients. See how many "bad guys" you can find on the list. You might be quite amazed!


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Best Dry Puppy Food………….. Are You Buying Human Grade Quality?

It's a well known fact………………….not all puppy food is created equally. Trying to find the best dry puppy food can be an adventure in and of  itself. So where do you start?  Well,  probably one of the first questions you need to ask is,   "Is the puppy food that I am about to feed my new puppy human grade quality?   Ah, so what exactly is that?    


Well,  let's just say that if you knew what was in some commercial dog foods you would probably be getting a little queasy right now.  Let's put it this way………if your young toddler,  for example,  happened upon some dry puppy food on the floor and decided to eat it, you better hope and pray the brand you chose was human grade quality.    


So,  what is human grade dog food? Well, its basically a food that is fit for human consumption.  People food that we buy in the grocery store has to pass guidelines set forth by the FDA and USDA  before it can be sold in a store for customers to buy.  



It's sad but true,  dog food companies are allowed to put ALL kinds of stuff in dog and puppy food that would not be fit for a human consumption. Stuff like chicken heads and feet, intestines, blood……uh, getting a little queasy yet?  Oh,  but thats ok,  it's all listed nicely under the term "by products" on the ingredient list. Who would ever know?  


  So how do you know if the food you are buying is a quality puppy food? Well that's where you come in.  It's up to you to read the ingredient list,  check out the company,  and do your homework before you buy.


Look and see if there are any  "by products". That's a clear sign that you don't want to buy that puppy food. If you know what to look for in a puppy food,  it makes your job a whole lot easier. Bet you'll never look at puppy food the same way again,huh?


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