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Wellness vs Life’s Abundance….So Which One’s Best?




Trying to decide what dog food to use when it comes to Wellness vs Life's Abundance?


Comparing dog food brands is a smart thing to do before you buy and the best way to do that is to look at the ingredient list. It doesn't always tell you everything, but it will give you a good idea of what the differences are in the dog food.


In doing a Wellness dog food comparison to a Life's Abundance comparison, here's what we found:


1. Wellness dog food does not have animal fat in it…..Life's Abundance does. Studies have shown that it's beneficial for dog food to have species specific animal fat in it. Dogs derive significant nutrition from animal fat. 


Although vegetable oils may sound healthier, dogs actually need nutrients that are found in animal fat. The animal fat in dog food, however, should be species specific as not all animal fats are created equally. For example, the animal fat in Life's Abundance is species specific chicken fat. 


2. Some Wellness dog food does not have guaranteed amounts of vitamin A, C , and E in it. Life's Abundance dog food does have guaranteed amounts of vitamin A, C, and E in its food. Dogs, and especially puppies, need guaranteed, adequate amounts of these antioxidants to maintain good health.


3. Wellness dog food does not contain prebiotics. Life's Abundance food contains both prebiotics and probiotics. Dog food should contain prebiotics. Prebiotics are the "food" that probiotics (friendly bacteria like we find in yogurt) feed on. This helps ensure that your dog will be eating food that will promote a healthy immune and digestive system.


*Also note that these two dog foods are made by different manufacturing companies.

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