Dog Food That Has Never Been Recalled……………Introducing Life’s Abundance

Looking for a dog food that has never been recalled? Well you're not alone.So are many other concerned puppy and adult dog owners. Recalls can be very scary as dogs can get sick from the food that is affected and possibly even die.

Recalls are something to take very seriously and many times it prompts you to start searching for a safe, quality dog food for your dog.

Life's Abundance dog food understands this concern. That's why they make it their top priority to provide a safe, high quality dog food for your best friend. If you're searching for a dog food right now because of all the recalls you've seen lately, then you've come to the right place.



Introducing Life's Abundance Premium Health Food

For Puppies And Adult Dogs

  • We are a small company, started in 1999, comprised almost entirely of pet parents and we are dedicated to improving the health and happiness of companion animals.
  • Our product formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, is one of the nation’s leading holistic veterinarians.
  • Every single ingredient in every single product is chosen by Dr. Jane based on its quality and safety. Life's Abundance has never been on a recall list.
  • Life’s Abundance is cooked quickly at low temperatures to help retain its high nutritional value.
  • We maintain strict inventory controls to ensure quality and safety.
  • Life's Abundance is delivered to your door generally within six weeks of being made. Some store-bought pet food could be anywhere from six months to one year old.
  • We never use artificial colors or flavors and never use corn, corn gluten, wheat or wheat gluten.
  • Our mission of caring doesn’t stop at making pet products. We created the Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a variety of animal rescue groups, all of which are dedicated to helping to rescue neglected and unwanted animals in the U.S.
  • Since its creation, the Foundation has provided thousands of dollars in funding for these worthwhile organizations. Every Life's Abundance purchase helps to support the important work of this extraordinary foundation, devoted to helping these animals find homes and lead happier lives. It’s just one more reason to feel good about purchasing Life’s Abundance products for dogs.


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