Dogs And Sago Palm…………Pet Parents Beware!

sago palm



Here's something that many dog and puppy owners might not know……………dogs and sago palms can be a very deadly combination!


Sago Palms are beautiful and plentiful in southern climates but if you happen to have one in your yard and you have a dog, then you need to be safe rather than sorry.


These plants (all parts of them including the sago palm seeds)) can be very poisonous to dogs. They can cause liver damage and failure and it can happen very quickly.


If you own a dog or puppy, it's a very good idea to see what kinds of plants (both inside and outdoor varieties) can be a safety hazard for your dog or new puppy.


No pet parent would intentionally leave a poisonous plant within reach of their dog. It's just that many people don't know and that's what makes it scary.


So be sure and do your due diligence if you have a dog or if you are about to get a new puppy, and find out ahead of time. Go online and look for a list of plants in your area that might be a hazard to your pet. You'll definitely be thankful that you did!

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