How Much Food To Feed A Puppy? Check Out These Helpful Tips

One of the biggest questions with new puppy parents is, "How much food to feed a puppy?" They worry,  and rightly so,  that they might be feeding too much or maybe too little to their new bundle of joy.

So,  "How much food should I feed my puppy?"

Well, the first suggestion,  and most obvious is to be sure and read what's on the bag of food that you have chosen to feed your puppy. If its a food specifically for puppies then it will be listed under the general directions.

If it's an "all life stages dog food" (which means the food is designed for puppies AND adult dogs) then there will be a section with specific instructions just for puppies.

Here is a basic feeding guideline that works well with most puppies:

When they are ready to eat solid food you can moisten the food and "free feed" (which means always leave food available) until they are fully weaned (which will be between 6-8 weeks old). Most new puppy parents get a puppy that is already fully weaned and on a food already.

Once weaned,  feed them the "suggested daily amount"  of dry food according to their weight and add at least 25% more.

So, how many times a day should I feed my puppy?"  A general guideline would be………….

From 8 weeks to 4 months,  divide this daily amount up into 3-4 meals over a 24 hour period which is generally a good rule of thumb. From 4-6 months,  divide the daily amount into 2-3 meals in a 24 hour period. After that,  follow directions on the bag according to their weight.

Note: Some people choose to free feed longer, but keep in mind that it may lead to obesity as your puppy grows.

Also remember that food requirements for individual puppies can vary (depending on breed, etc). It's always a good idea,  if you're unsure,  to ask your vet if you have specific questions concerning your breed and how much food they will need 🙂

Important!  If you decide to use a different food other than what your puppy has been on, BE SURE and switch the food over SLOWLY.  You can give your dog diarrhea by changing over too quickly.

Finally…….Remember these are suggested guidelines only on how much food to feed a puppy and you should ALWAYS check with your vet if you are unsure about anything.

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