Life’s Abundance Dog Food For Puppies….A Smart Choice For Dog Owners


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Life's Abundance dog food is the best dog food for puppies and here are a few reasons why:


1. Life's Abundance was formulated by holistic veterinarian, Dr Jane Bicks.


2. The kibble is the perfect size for a puppy. It's designed for small breeds as well as large breed. It's very easy to chew too.


3. Life's Abundance is a made with superior ingredients. It has no junk or by products in it like corn, wheat, wheat gluten, chicken feet, chicken heads, etc that are put into low quality dog foods (these companies call it "by products" which are not healthy so stay away from them)


4.You will find plenty of probiotics in Life's Abundance dog food. These are the "good bacteria" that you hear about in yogurts, etc. These good guys keep your puppies gut healthy and strong.


5. Plenty of protein! Life's Abundance has plenty of meat source proteins which are the building blocks that help your puppy grow up strong.


6.It tastes good!  Well the puppies definitely seem to think so. That's probably because it is baked fresh and shipped to your door within six weeks of being made. Many other dog foods sit on the shelf for up to a year before shipping.


7. Life's Abundance premium health food for dogs has NEVER been on a recall list. Yep, that's right……..never!


8. Life's Abundance even has a special dog food for large breed puppies. It's designed especially for their unique growing needs.


Bottom line, if you want a healthy puppy, you need to feed them a healthy dog food with the best nutrition.


Did you know a dog fed a high quality dog food can live up to 5 years longer than one that is not? Plus, it can sure help save on the vet bills:-) over time.


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