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What Is The Best Food For Puppies With Sensitive Stomachs?

So,  what is the best food for puppies with sensitive stomachs?


You hear it from so many pet parents,  "I have not been able to find a food that agrees with my puppy"  or  "The food I am feeding my puppy is giving them loose stools".


Unfortunately,  most of the time, it's the food that is the culprit,  not that your puppy has a sensitive stomach.



Puppy foods are not created equally so you really need to pay attention to what is in the food that you are feeding. Here are a few tips that hopefully will help you to make the transition to solid food a little easier.



First,  make sure the food you are feeding has no by products. By products are the leftovers from a protein source like chicken for example. This can include anything from chicken feet to chicken heads………………definitely not very digestible so stay away from by products of any kind,  period.




Next,  look for a puppy food that is bite size. The smaller,  the easier to chew and that means the easier to digest. And even if it is bite size you might still need to moisten it to make it easier to chew in the beginning.



Make sure it has quality protein sources like chicken meal or catfish meal. Don't buy a food that has corn or wheat listed as its first ingredient. Puppies need quality protein in their food not cheap filler food like corn and wheat.


And finally,  the best food for puppies with sensitive stomachs should have probiotics in it. This is very important. Probiotics for dogs are kinda like the good guy bacteria (yes there are good bacteria too).



A healthy gut needs a plentiful supply of this kind of friendly bacteria. It definitely helps your puppy to digest their food much easier. It should be listed on the ingredient list so look closely. It might say Lactobacillus acidophilus or use the term probiotics.



One last thing to always remember…….don't switch a puppy or adult dog over too quickly from one food to another. That in itself can cause loose stools. If your puppy was on a certain food when you got it and you want to switch,  do it slowly!


Hopefully these tips will help you find just the right food for your puppy!


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