Wheat Free Puppy Food Is Healthy Alternative

Wheat free puppy food is definitely a healthy alternative when it comes to choosing a food for your puppy. Wheat and corn are used in many dog foods and that's not because it is necessarily healthy.


On the contrary, both wheat and corn can have negative effects on your puppy as they grow and mature. These two culprits could cause allergies in your puppy or adult dog.


A big reason that wheat and corn is used in dog food is because it is a very cheap food source. If you'll notice, when reading the ingredient list on many dog foods, wheat and corn (or wheat and corn meal) will be listed in the first five ingredients.


The first five ingredients listed make up the majority of food in the bag. So be sure and read your dog food ingredient list carefully.


Definitely stay away from wheat and corn and make sure you see a quality protein source listed as the first ingredient.

Your puppy will thank you:-)


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