Wheat Gluten In Dog Foods Can Contribute To Allergies In Dogs


Feeding your puppy or adult dog a dog food that contains wheat/ and or wheat gluten is a big no no! Looking at all the dog food brands on the market today you would think that it's just fine but in reality, it can contribute to allergies in dogs.


So why then do some dog food manufacturers use wheat in their dog food if it is so bad for your dog? Well, bottom line, it's all about the money unfortunately.


Wheat (along with its buddy corn) is a very cheap food source. Manufacturers, of course, want to offer the best price point to their customers (and make the most profit themselves) so when they use fillers like wheat (and corn) they don't have to use as much of the good stuff like quality protein.


Problem is, the price might be great but the quality stinks! So, you end up with a cheap, inferior product that becomes very hard for a puppy or dog to digest. Wheat gluten in dog foods (also corn gluten) can cause things like gas and bloating. You'll also notice that your dogs stools will be much larger. That's because they can't digest and absorb the food well so most of it is eliminated in the stool.


Granted, there are many contributing factors to allergies in dogs including genetic predisposition and environmental factors, but by eliminating known causes (like wheat and corn) early on (preferably from the beginning) you have a much better chance of having a happy healthy allergy free dog:)


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